Dr. Jim Roy

William Glasser: Champion of Choice

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In this Episode, Lynn Sumida talks with Dr. Jim Roy about his book, William Glasser: Champion of Choice. This work was ten years in the making, and gives a wonderful insight into Bill Glasser the man, and the work he loved.

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Author, Jim Roy, spent ten years personally interviewing William Glasser, MD, in preparation for writing this biography. He then studied all the documentation he could find to authenticate every word he wrote.

Jim masterfully transformed an extensive collection of tapes and material data into a beautifully written, unbiased story about a great man’s personal life and his ground-breaking accomplishments that revolutionized the helping professions.

“William Glasser: Champion of Choice” by Jim Roy is a wonderful story and a great read because it gives you the feeling that you are present, watching the life and ideas of a true genius evolve.

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