Welcome to Ventures!

Well the Venture has begun… In this first Blog we thought we would take you on the journey of how Ventures is developing. In order to offer a online subscription to people around the world we realized we needed to build the network. The first task was to reach out to all the”member organizations” and ask for their support. Jean Suffield took this on and it has been incredibly satisfying as we have received tremendous support from countries around the world. We know that some countries don’t have a “Glasser organization” and we will be as creative as possible in reaching people, far and wide. If you have suggestions please send them to us, we are all ears!

Once our networks are established we have the pathways to send great content to everyone who subscribes. That’s the exciting part. We look forward to interviewing people from many different walks of life and hearing about the innovative things they are doing. What could be more fun? We already have a line up of people to interview, some of whom will be in Seoul, Korea and we are hearing about new people to connect with, almost daily We love hearing about people doing really interesting things in different context and locations. We are a global community and we hope Ventures will help us really feel like one.

We spent time thinking of objections or challenges that we would need to address and here are a couple we thought of:

Will every topic be interesting to everyone?

In other words will it be worth the money? When we reflected on this we realized the content will be wide ranging but the common themes will be that everyone featured, and every article presented will have Choice Theory, Reality Therapy or Lead Management as part of its perspective. We will be consistently celebrating people who are making a difference in the world, and hopefully inspiring every subscriber. We don’t think inspiration has borders.

Why you? Why are you the ones doing this?

Well the simple answer is we were there, and said “YES.” The more complete answer is that Jean Seville Suffield, President of Glasser Canada, was wrestling with how to revitalize the Canadian constituents and asked me to help brainstorm ideas to do this. Paul Johnson, who works with me jumped into the conversation and at one point offered this idea. The rest, as they say, is history. Paul has lots of video production expertise so we had the technical ability, and Jean and I have connections with the Glasser community for the content side. It seemed like we had access to all the components we needed.

Well… we’re just at the start of the journey. The next destination is Seoul, Korea, and having some great conversations. I won’t say more but please stay tuned to hear more of what Ventures has in store for you!